The Neo-Retro Bride Article

I was honored to have been asked to write a short article for the fantastic ‘Wedding Photoswap’ blog which brings together a great guide for the Bride who is after a Vintage look. Our Venetian Collection is perfect for this Style. There are some other great ideas featured on their blog so take a look.

Top to Toe by Katie Elizabeth

It’s the most important day of a girl’s life. One which many plan from a very young age; imagining the beautiful white dress, the flowers, tiara, shoes, not forgetting the man of their dreams, and just the general magic of it all.  


As a little girl I was completely in love with this dream.  I didn’t really enjoy the normal children’s books. For me it was all about wedding magazines. Just looking longingly at the gowns and accessories and imagining what I may one day wear myself. This passion has led me to where I am today. I still have an overwhelming love for weddings and I’m now a bridal headwear designer.  I have created my dream job and I completely love what I do. 


Having now successfully sold to several boutiques and attended many fayres I have gained some interesting knowledge and one thing has struck me as strange…it seems for many brides, shoes are taking priority over headwear. Let’s face it, we all love a good pair of shoes, right ladies?! I know of many girls who will happily spend hundreds on a pair of shoes for the big day and I too am guilty of this! But just because your feet look pretty doesn’t mean you should forget about the most photographed part of you…..your head! You may have one picture in your album of the ‘oh so pretty’ shoes but how many of your top half? Hundreds! Don’t stint on such an important part of your look.  


I know how it goes, first things first, you have to look for the perfect dress, then the shoes, then the thoughts of ‘how should I have my hair’. As a result, sometimes as late as a month before the wedding you may think ‘oh what about my headwear?’! suddenly realising that you have very little money left in the budget, you buy something that is cheap and cheerful! 


Spending some time searching for your headwear can be the final part of creating your dream bridal look. At ‘Katie Elizabeth of London’ we are dedicated to creating exquisite headpieces which compliment you and your beautiful dress. We can even incorporate your specific gown material into the piece, or recommend what would work best with your hair colour and style. No matter what, a beautiful headpiece will ensure that you shine from head to those special shoe covered toes!


I truly believe in creating the perfect headpiece and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. X